Blender Cycles Leather Material Nodes

This is a very quick and easy cycles node setup for leather material. I found it very useful, I hope you will find it useful as well. Here is the node setup:


Here is the result that I got from this:


Then changed diffuse color to the white:


and red:


Additionally, you can change Voronoi Texture scale amount to any amount that will fit your work. By changing that value you can get perfect patterns.


I hope you liked that.

Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Blender Cycles Leather Material Nodes

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    1. 4ntt1

      You can find the power node by pressing “shift+A”, then selecting “Converter”->”Math”. Select “Power” from the dropdown-menu found in that node and the name of the node changes to Power.

      This is a great material by the way. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Malick Cisse

    Excellent. Simple, effective and straight to the point. Exactly what I was looking for. 4ntt1, thanks also for your suggestion. I too was actually looking for the “power” node.


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